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Our doors are open!

  • By Steve Kreeger
  • 31st March 2014

It’s been a very long time in coming but we’re so massively pleased (and relieved!) to be able to officially open up our new venue listing site for any type of space, room and venue for hire. Some of us here at Local Room Hire HQ have been working away for hours on end in our own venue offices for the past 12 months building the brand, the concept, working on the finer details and tweaking again and again with our designers and developers to get this launch phase just right.

We’re pretty stoked to be able to present it in all it’s simple glory with some exciting features and partnerships in the pipeline too, both for venues in Kent, as well as offers, competitions and opportunities for all you beautiful people seeking out new venues for hire.

We’d love to know what you think of the site, how easy the sign up process is, and even just letting us know what you’re looking forward to see happen in your own venue this year – maybe we can help that happen with you!

I’m writing this blog post 35,000 feet in the air as I fly home from a business meeting in Spain about some other exciting ventures. I can’t wait to get back on UK soil and kick straight into helping you all increase your bookings!

We have officially landed and our doors are definitely open!

Whilst we’re kicking off for venues in Kent, we’re expanding rapidly, have built some great connections across the country and cannot wait to unleash the site to the nation!

Many thanks for joining us on this journey and I look forward to visiting some of your venues very soon!