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Why venues in Kent matter to us

  • By Steve Kreeger
  • 27th August 2014

We love where we live, and we love what we do.

Venues in Kent and especially local venues for hire are so important to us, that we thought we’d try to explain a bit more about the background of Local Room Hire in Kent.

Where it all began

In 2011, myself and my wife owned the East Kent franchise of a baby music workshop. We ran classes across Whitstable, Thanet (mainly Margate and Broadstairs), Deal, Dover and Sandwich. In late 2011 we expanded into Canterbury and Herne Bay.

Naturally, we started to seek out a venue for hire in Canterbury, with specific attributes and facilities – baby changing, carpet (ideally!), enough space for a buggy ‘park’ area, and ideally all within a specific budget that we couldn’t go over.

We started with a google search… and it became pretty evident that all that existed were ‘yellow pages’ style venue for hire in Kent websites that simply listed information about the venues. In many ways this is great, some let you contact the venues direct through their site – just like Local Room Hire, but it wasn’t enough, and the portfolio of venues was tiny, hardly any in Canterbury.

There were so many venue websites out there, but we were really looking for something that could help with a specific search. We ended up phoning round multiple venues, and visiting several to check them out for space and facilities before deciding. This took us about 3 weeks!

You might be able to see where I’m going here… I started thinking,

There’s got to be a better way to find a venue you want in a location you want, with specific facilities. Surely!

But nothing existed.

That evening, I sat with a pad and a pen, scribbling until the early hours, notes and sketches, ideas and functions for a new website, that served people in such a simple way, enabling them to contact the perfect venue for their needs, with a few clicks.

And here, Local Room Hire was born. I bought the domains, and started the journey. That was 3 years ago.

Since then, we’ve designed the site (twice) and finally launched to venues just before the summer this year. We’re now signing up venues in Kent and are looking forward to ‘switching on’ the site very very soon!

Why Kent matters

I grew up in London, and moved to Kent in my early twenties. I loved London, and am still there a couple of times a week, but theres something about Kent thats important. Its important to London, and important to the rest of the country, and indeed Europe.

We’re a county of awesome local food produce, fantastic beauty and incredible people. To top all of that off, Kent has some of the most amazing and stunning venues and settings for wedding venues, function venues and places to host the most memorable event ever.

Not only because the majority of the team live in Kent, but simply because Kent has so many venues in so many varieties (over 4300 to be a bit specific!) that we decided to launch Local Room Hire in Kent initially, and grow from here. We’ve had interest from Sussex, Hampshire and Surrey already, but its important to us the the quality is just as good as the quantity, so we’re concentrating on Kent first.

Kent is the Garden of England, and we’re really excited to see how we can support both local venues, large and small, plus help to promote all types of businesses from event suppliers, caterers, entertainment businesses and local food producers and more.

We’re passionate about local and for us, theres no better place to start than Kent.

Local Room Hire Kent

If you, your family or business are looking for Local Room Hire Kent, then we’re chuffed to be able to support you in your search.

We have a growing list of hundreds of local rooms and venues for hire in Kent and can’t wait to open the doors for you to access our portfolio of stunning images, and a chance to connect with the amazing teams at all our partner venues.

When we launch our new full site, users will be able to search completely for free for any type of venue for hire in Kent, and local rooms for hire in Kent. We’re passionate about connecting you to the right venue in the right location, so our super search system not only seamlessly provides these venues to you but each visit you make to a venue profile page gets added in analytics, and helps us further support our local areas in Kent!

Always seeking better

The internet is changing the way we do things. We’re passionate about being right on top of our game here to make sure that both venues in Kent and all of our thousands of visitors are able to view and see the right space for them in the perfect location, and are already working on new features to the dashboard for after the site launches.

We love making things and we’re confident you’ll see the benefits in Local Room Hire, whether you’re a venue in Kent or someone looking for one!

Can’t wait to open – We’ve been quite some time in the making… I hear good things come to those who wait!

PS – If you haven’t already – find us on twitter here. Plus join us on Facebook for more fun with the team and the chance to win some tickets to amazing events!