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Local venues, local places

  • By Steve Kreeger
  • 27th May 2015

Here at Local Room Hire we’re not just passionate about awesome local venues, we also support the very towns and areas that these great venues for hire in Kent are located.

We’re partnering with towns in your area to promote pretty much everything there is good about your town. But we need you guys to help us!

Local Life

We want to know some of the things that make your town so awesome. We don’t just want to fill our cracking new site with incredible venues, spaces, rooms and places for hire, but we’re so passionate about local life that we want to shout about that too!

So people searching for wedding venues in Kent will explore Local Room Hire and find not just the perfect Wedding venue in their perfect location, but also find awesome cake makers, florists, local Kent dress makers and more all in the vicinity!

We want to help people like Bob who books a conference room and hotel rooms for his colleagues for their regular 1 day meet-upĀ find not just the perfect facility, but the best local place to eat, a great local serving the best ales and cocktails, the events that are on that weekend and more.

If you love your town, why not get in touch with our local area teams and let us know about it!

  • Local events
  • Local music
  • Local workshops
  • Local food places
  • Local pubs… And more!

Shout about your town! Email info@localroomhire.co.uk and let us know!