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Venues in Canterbury

  • By Steve Kreeger
  • 19th January 2016


We just went live with our super profiles for venues in Canterbury.

Wait, only for Canterbury venues? Let us explain…

Local Room Hire is a product designed and developed by Red Bullet, envisioned by Steve, after stumbling across a problem back in 2011 and decided to do something about it.

Why Canterbury?

We launched in Canterbury as thats where almost all the team currently live and breathe. We love our city, and we love the people, the culture, the places and the venues. We love the eateries, the beer gardens, the river boats and the coffee shops – boy do we love the coffee shops!

When we say we’ve launched in Canterbury, what we mean is Canterbury, Herne Bay, Whitstable and all the villages in between.

Did you know in just this small tiny area there are over 348 spaces for hire across 140 venues? Crazy right?

What about my town?

Fear not! We’re expanding rapidly and have plans to have reached across Kent by the end of February 2016, rolling out phase 2 of the site for all manner of Kent venues from school halls to banquet halls, football pitches to community rooms.

In the mean time – if you’re a venue, why not sign up your initial interest here – and we’ll do the rest for you!

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