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Create your own co-working space

  • By Heather Scott
  • 2nd May 2018

About two years ago I sat at my kitchen table, stared at my laptop, and wondered how I had ended up working on my own. I’d left a job that had surrounded me with colleagues and chats over coffee a year before. I was immediately struck by how isolated I felt.

I had a number of other friends who also worked from home, so I had a chat with them about how I felt. They felt the same. It was a revelation.

We decided that we would all get together and work in a cafe a couple of times a month. It was great to see familiar faces and bounce ideas off each other (even though we worked in different industries) and we found that we were much more productive. There was only one problem, the cafes were too noisy and there wasn’t much space.

Co-working spaces

Over the last year, co-working spaces have begun to spring up in towns across the county. Essentially, they provide desk space for a price and usually require a monthly membership fee. For individuals looking for a quiet space to work they are a brilliant resource, but for a group of people, they are less ideal.

Create your own

Then we had an idea!

If we hired a room for a day once or twice a month we could still work together, stop for lunch together and generally enjoy spending time with others, without a monthly subscription to pay. Also, it meant that we could spend our time in different places around the area, giving us a regular change of scenery. From working at the Horsebridge in Whitstable’s busy town centre, (which worked out at £18 each for 6 hours of working) to a box at The Spitfire Cricket Ground, we discovered some amazing spaces around the county and stopped being lonely work from homers.

Why not try it too?