Time to say goodbye

It’s been a great journey over the last few years.

We’ve always tried to keep Local Room Hire free for everyone for one space in one venue. We get over 20,000 visits a month to the site, and more than one enquiry every day gets processed through the site. But sadly it is time that we have to close the site.

With no resource to manage and upkeep the site system, the data and the integrity, it is with sadness that we have to close.

Thankyou for all the amazing venues and people seeking venues over the years. We hope. you all survive Covid19 times and move forwards to great events and bookings into 2021 and beyond.

We’d love someone to come forward to take over where we’re leaving off, and if that’s you – please contact steve@redbullet.co.uk, but otherwise, this is time to say goodbye.

Steve & the LRH team

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